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Welcome to Goppy!

Gather your children. It’s time for the talk. You know the one. The talk that most parents put off to the early teen years. The same talk that we, as parents, don’t know how to articulate in a way that our kids fully understand. A stuttering explanation of what “could happen” is what guides the conversation rather than what prevents the dreaded results.

But talking to your children about conservatism doesn’t have to be this way. And it’s time we take responsibility for our children’s future politically. Join the movement to expose our children to the principles of conservatism at an early age rather than wait for schools and television to shape their thinking. America’s future leaders are in our elementary schools now. They’re playing in our backyards and eating from our tables. We put them to bed each night. And we are responsible for guiding our children in the ways in which we think they should go.

Why would we not make every effort to teach our children self-responsibility, fiscal responsibility, capitalism, and all the other components of conservatism? It’s time we raise our kids to be conservative and it’s time we bring the Republican party back to what it’s supposed to be.

Goppy’s here to help.